#1 (fee in field), archival inkjet print, 11 x 15" (min. paper dimensions 16 x 19")

Fee demanded a picture. Fee loves the camera whenever i take it out to take
her picture she holds very still.

its getting late by now and i figure i got maybe a hour or so of daylight
left. while going through a town(i didnt catch the name) a route 66 marker
said straight for old 66 right for alt 66. i figure im old school and go
straight. well im going about 38 mph and all the sudden i shoot off a 3 inch
ledge onto gravel. i fishtailed like crazy but managed to keep it up right.
i follow this for what seems like forever. eventually it turns into a
golfcart size trail with patches of pavement.

by now it is completely dark out and im thinking someone is haveing fun
with the signs. i finally pop out on a road with the speed limt of 70. the
sign there says that i was on old 66 so i guess thats true.

im tired and there are semis roaring pass me.