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#3 (barbed wire vista), archival inkjet print, 11 x 15" (min. paper dimensions 16 x 19")

the driveing was hard today. the wind was so strong i was only able to top
out at 30. not to mention haveing to lean the bike into the wind at almost
a 45 degree angle. by the time i was done with my farm tour it was 7 local
time. dad called as i was finishing eating a pizza from a gas station in adrian.
he offered to spring for a room for me with internet access. so i took him up on
it rather then attempt the 130 miles or so with no campground listed on my map.
so i backtracked to Vega got a room and updated the journal. thats where i sit now.

tommorrow ill be in new mexico. ill try to update a bit sooner next time.